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Common myths and facts of Breast cancer

Breast Cancer Doctors in Bangalore | Dr. Murali Subramanian is one of the Best Cancer Specialist in Bangalore. Breast cancers have become a very common disease nowadays. People are getting conscious about this disease. However, there are lots of myths that create misconceptions among the general public and hamper their preventive effort toward this evil disease. Let’s know the fact against those myths.

Myth 1: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, e.g. healthy diet, regular exercises, limited alcohol consumption, and regular exercise eliminate the risk of breast cancer.

Fact: These lifestyle behaviors lower the risk but can’t eliminate it. 

Presently no one is 100% safe from breast cancer. Yes, it’s always better to take precaution and lots of evidence is there that proves a healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of breast cancer to a greater extent. But again I am saying it can’t assure you that you will not have it. So, I would suggest, besides your healthy lifestyle also do a regular screening of breast cancer. This disease can be treated better as early as it gets disorganized. 

Myth 2: Use of underarm antiperspirants can cause breast cancer.

Fact: No evidence is found until now. But yes, studies are under process.

The fact it few studies have revealed absorption of aluminum and other chemical containing product through the lymph increase the concentration aluminum in breast tissues. Sometimes, not always, a higher concentration of aluminum in breast tissue might cause cancer. Harmful chemical free antiperspirant has a connection with breast cancer.

Myth 3: If my family history is free from breast cancer, I am safe.

Fact:  Most of the diagnosed patient has no such family history of breast cancer.

Only 5 to 10% of breast cancer patient owns a family history of the same disease. Rests don’t have any cancer patient in their family.

Myth 4: Wearing a tight bra causes breast cancer.

Fact: No evidence is there.

It’s true, extra tight bra hampers limit the flow of lymph flow out of your breast and encourage the toxic substance build-up. But no evidence is there that proves the direct link between wearing a bra and breast cancer.

Myth 5: Keeping mobile phones inside the bra causes breast cancer.

Fact: No evidence yet. But the safety measures of mobile phone rays are under study.

Researchers are going on to evidence if there is any link between the radiofrequency of mobile phones and cancer but still not proved. However, it better not to carry a mobile in bra.

Myth 6: Annual mammogram guarantees the early detection of breast cancer.

Fact: Although it’s not false completely. Yet, there have been cases in which mammograms failed to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

There is no doubt mammography has been the best tool for detecting breast cancer till death but still, there are 20% cases, in which mammograms missed out on the early-stage detection of this disease. 

Myth 7: Consumption of excessive sugar causes breast cancer.

Fact: No such evidence is there that proves sugar-rich food cause breast cancer.

Cancer cell consumes for sugar than normal cells but it doesn’t mean eating more sugar-rich food will cause cancer.

Myth 8: I don’t have any lump in my breast so I don’t have breast cancer.

Fact: The lump might not form in case of breast cancer, especially during the early stage.

In some cases we find, cancer gets already spread to lymph but there is no lump in the breast. 

Myth 9: If treated at an early stage there will be no chance of recurrence. 

Fact: There always remains the possibility of cancer to reappear. 

The chances of recurrence lie between 15 to 20%.

Myth 10: Breast cancer attack only to women of middle and older age. 

Fact: Breast cancer does have age preferences; even it can attack the men.

As you grow older the risk of breast cancer gets increases but you can have this disease at any age. Even men can also experience breast cancer.

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