Dr.Murali Subramanian

Dr.Murali Subramanian

Dr Murali Subramanian has been practising oncology for over 19 years. He specializes in medical oncology and is the Medical director for HCG DCC and a senior consultant – medical oncology. He specializes in both adult and paediatric cancers.

Dr Subramanian has published many articles in national and international journals. He also possesses vast academic experience. He has taught in the department of medical oncology at the prestigious M S Ramaiah Medical College & Hospitals.

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Dr Murali Subramanian- Best cancer Doctor in Bangalore

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According to statistics, about 12.7 million people around the world are diagnosed with cancer every year. There was a time not too long ago when a cancer diagnosis signified the end of life as the patient and family knew it. But today, cancer comes with a ray of hope. Cancer is no longer imminently fatal as proven by millions of cancer survivors who fought the disease and emerged victorious.

The fight against cancer begins by knowing you are not alone. Today, the focus of treatment has shifted from prolonging life to quality of life. The goal of modern oncology is increasingly to cure the cancer. However, in some cases it may be important to control the disease and reduce the symptoms to ensure a comfortable life and smoothness of routine.

Dr Subramanian treats many patients every day, with conventional and high dose chemotherapy. His knowledge and expertise span a vast area in treating cancer.



MBBS MD (General Medicine) DM ( Medical Oncology)

Areas of Special Interest

• Cancer treatment • Immunotherapy


19 Years of experience in the field of oncology

Area of Interest

Breast & Prostate Cancer
Cervical cancer & HPV vaccination
Paediatric & Medical Oncology
ovarian and vaginal cancer
Head & Neck & Lung cancer

“Cancer that's diagnosed at an early stage, is more likely to be treated successfully.”

says – Dr.Murali Subramanian

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Dr. Murali Subramanian practices at HCG Day Care Centre Banashankari , Kalyannagar and Malleswaram


Doctor meets patient only with prior appointment. Usually 10 to 15 min is the waiting time

In the treatment process Dr.Murali usually treat cancer by chemotherapy or other medications, such as targeted therapy or immunotherapy

He treats all types of cancer related to women’s or men

He is one of the leading medical oncologists in Bangalore with 19 years of experience

Dr.Murali is a medical oncologist

He is rated as 5 stars by Google and practo

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